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Greetings Alumni & Normalites!

We are inspired beyond measure about our 2010 Grand Reunion Celebration. Why? - Because we have teams of Class Agents and Affinity Alumni Groups whose commitments mirror that which our Founder envisioned!

Make plans today to return to THE HILL in May 2010 and enjoy the fruits of their labor for this Grand Reunion. In fact, there is still room for more. Just click your class year and learn more about your Class Agent Team and their plans for you.

Please accept our gratitude for your contributions to our beloved AAMU whether you've given financially or through volunteerism. You have clearly made a difference to AAMU and there is no questioning that fact!

Please also know that while our nearly 135 years are a testament to a great legacy, our financial needs remain great due to recent state prorations. In that regard, we set our 2010 Grand Reunion goal for $1,000,000.00.

As you can see, our Grand Reunion Thermometer shows that we are on our way to reaching our goal ~ thanks to our Alumni & Normalites! However; we must now complete the mission and you can help make that happen. Just CLICK HERE to download the COMMITMENT POSTCARD. Complete the card and mail it today, then visit this site weekly for updates.

Finally, allow me to validate my inspiration for this campaign. It's simple; I am encouraged and thankful to have Dr. Andrew Hugine, Jr. as the inspired leader of our beloved AAMU. I believe him to be purposed for AAMU's journey at this time. Your continuous support of this critical campaign will be greatly appreciated, as our students deserve our continuous support.

Venita Clisby King`76, Director

Office Motto: "Inspire the student first and loyalty will follow -
Inspire Alumni and loyalty will soar.

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Little Known AAMU Fact:

Our founder, Dr. William Hooper Councill visited Europe in September 1895. He met with many distinguished people, among them was his Majesty Leopold, King of the Belgians. Dr. Councill discussed the affairs of Congo Free State.
Dr. Councill also negotiated successfully on behalf of young educated, industrious colored men...

Captured from an article in the
Nashville Daily American Newspaper
September 21, 1895

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Venita Clisby King `76, Director